Zooming with the Zoomer

The Zoomerfree flight glider. Kids love them, adults love them, r/c pilots love them. As a free flight glider, it’s easy to throw and it glides a long ways. Any kid would love to chase after this thing. Check out Nickolas chucking one around in this video.

There’s more to it than just free flight though. People have been hacking them and adding in R/C gear to make them controlled. It all started with our eRC Micro Stik receiver board. It’s a super small and light receiver that has two servos built into it and also a brushed motor esc. The first generation R/C Zoomer was a pure controlled glider. We cut in an elevator and rudder and attached pushrods them from the servos. We would launch the Zoomer as hard as we could and were able to control it around and catch a few thermals. It was fun, but we wanted some propulsion. The next step was to add in the motor system from the Micro stik. You had to be creative and carve out foam for the power system and battery. Now we had a fully function r/c model and the airframes only cost $9.99!

The next step for me is to add in twin 40mm ducted fan units! I’ve started the project and hope to finish this winter. Can you image a twin ducted fan EDF Zoomer zipping around the sky? It will be crazy! I can’t wait. These are just some of crazy things we come up. What have you created lately. I’d love to see some of your hacked up planes. Go to our forum page here and post your mods.

Jason Cole


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