Zoomers & Blades, Celebrating 50 Years

Zoomer Free Flight Glider

Zoomer Free Flight GliderOn sale for just $13.99!
The parts go together in less than a minute and require no gluing. It’s built from super tough EPO foam so it will last through many flying adventures. Play catch with a friend, see who can glide the farthest, there are many fun ways to play. What will you do with your Zoomer?


Hobby Express Celebrates Golden Anniversary, Looks Back at 50 Years in Business

celebrate_50-Years-HE-HLHobby company recently rebranded, is looking forward to continued product innovation in 2014 Read more.


Blade® Scout CX RTF

Blade Scout CX RTFPerfect for Beginners!
The amazing Blade® Scout CX may only weigh a little over half an ounce (17 grams) but it will have you flying circles around other helis like it. State-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade® engineering and electronics make it all possible. Get yours today!


Blade® mCX2 RTF Ultra-Micro Heli

Blade mCX2 RTF Ultra-Micro HeliIncludes everything you’ll need to fly!
Like the original Blade® mCX, the Blade® mCX2 is easy enough for anyone to fly and small enough to fly just about anywhere. The mCX2 is the ultimate beginner friendly machine with unsurpassed stability, incredible control, and extreme durability. Check it out!


Blade® 120 SR RTF Heli

Blade 120 SR RTF HeliFast. Agile. Stable. Fun.
The Blade® 120 SR is a fixed-pitch heli that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight. Its unique rotor head was specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a coaxial helicopter, but provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter.
See it in action!


Blade® Nano CPX RTF

Blade Nano CPX RTFThe lightest flybarless CP heli in its class
Flip, funnel or roll in any room of your house with the incredible Blade® Nano CP X. It’s unbelievably durable too, so you can fly aggressively without worrying about costly repairs. Everything you need to get in the air is included in the box. Just charge your batteries and you’re ready to fly!
Get it here!


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