Worst crash with L.A. By: L.A. Johnston, longtime modeler.

My worst crash was back in 1978. I believe at that time I was flying a Graupner plane of some sort. I remember that the main body of the plane was a big aluminum tube that ran through the fuselage where the wings were attached.

I had just gone out and got a new engine and had been fooling around with it all day. It was always a big deal for me to get in new mods for all of my R/C’s.

After I was finished fiddling with the engine, I decided it was time to take it out and see how it would perform. It was just going to be a quick flight test, so when I started mounting parts on the fuselage, I was kind of in a hurry.

Anyway, after I was done snapping the pieces together, I fired it up and took off. I probably reached about three hundred feet when my left wing shook a bit and just fell off. I had forgotten to put the screw on before I started the flight. Needless to say, it was not built well enough to knife edge at ALL.

Probably the worst part of this entire experience was that it had rained the day before this all happened. The reason this made matters worse was because I happened to be flying in an area of Texas that they called the black land. The soil is incredibly dark and sticky, but great for growing things like cotton.

I soon found out that the other thing that soil can be good for is almost swallowing planes whole that crash into it. It took me nearly an hour to dig out my plane because it had sunk all the way up to the leading edge of the wing. I suppose it might not have taken so long if I had something with me that was more handy to dig it out with than my busted up prop.

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