Wing Dragon HL RTF Trainer

This little plane is quite possibly the best trainer for the beginning
R/C airplane
flyer. It’s a trainer with lots of power to help you get
out of a jam and has the control authority that gives you the solid feel
of connection to the airplane. Climb to altitude and turn the motor off
and Wing Dragon will glide FOREVER! If there are hawks thermaling in the
vicinity, glide over and see if you can ride the thermals with them. A
trainer needs to be tough and Wing Dragon is. It can handle quite the
beating from all you “new-bees” and keep on flying. :-)

How does she handle? Wing Dragon is built with an efficient, high-lift
airfoil that allows the airplane to fly at ridiculously slow air speeds.
When flying into a slight headwind, you could literally have someone walk
at the same pace next to it! The wing has up-swept tips (called
polyhedral) that give Wing Dragon tremendous stability with no tendency
to tuck in the turns, really building the confidence of a new pilot.

Wing Dragon is a piece-of-cake to build with no messy glue required.
Kids as young as 10 have successfully assembled this airplane without
parental guidance.

The most common modification for the Wing Dragon is an upgrade of the
battery pack. Changing to a 2 cell Lithium pack like the PowerWing
(YTB21002) will dramatically increase flight time with a slight
increase  in power. The Lithium packs are lighter than the stock
batteries, so some additional ballast will need to be added to maintain
the CG (center of gravity) that is essential to a good flying model.

Once you are a pro with your Wing Dragon, you can take it to the next
level and get your feet wet with the installation of floats (AT3307F)
for a totally new type of flying fun.

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