Why I Fly…

Hey there! Have you ever asked yourself the question “why do I do this?” This question recently came up for me while I was helping some customers at our retail counter. I¬†occasionally¬†wander up there to clear my mind, or to see what new cool stuff they added to the store. I was talking with a family who had stopped by wanting to learn more about radio controlled airplanes. I guess they could see the excitement I had while talking to them because they said I must really enjoy doing this. I thought to myself, well, that’s why I do it. There is so much junk in the news, or stress from life, that I need something fun in my life, to not get bogged down in all the mess. You can almost think of it like therapy. After a long hard day at work, what better thing to do than to toss a model airplane in the air and fly around the sky with complete freedom. Your cares melt away, you smile, you’re having fun!

I can’t explain why I like to fly so much. It all started I suppose as a little kid. We lived on 40 acres and I remember having all sorts of flying toys. Foamy wal-mart gliders, boomerangs, and my favorite was a foam toy with 3 sides that you threw like a boomerang but would end up spinning like a top while floating down. I would chase after that thing for hours. I’m hooked on R/C for life, flying doesn’t get old or boring for me. There is always something new to try like multi rotor helicopters or any number of new airplanes. The sky really is the limit.

So what do you do for fun? It doesn’t have to be airplanes or helicopters. You can drive R/C trucks or boats or whatever you enjoy doing. One of our missions here at Hobby Lobby is to “Share the Fun.” I love that. If you’re not having much fun these days, give us a call at 866-512-1444 and we’ll help you get started. It really is fun, and that’s why I fly.

Jason Cole

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