Where Did Thrust Vectoring Come From?

Not only was Hobby Lobby the first to introduce electric flight into the market for R/C aircraft modelers, it was also the first to bring forth thrust vectoring with their model jets. The first jet to debut this characteristic was their SU-34.

The SU-34 is still a great selling, twin exhaust jet for Hobby Lobby today. It was debuted at SETH 2009 with the 180 degree thrust vectoring feature and won the best new product award at the show. This early stage of thrust vectoring enables the aircraft to do highly aerobatic maneuvers like incredibly tight flips that were previously not possible with the earlier R/C aircraft technology.

The technology had furthered development that year and had advanced to full 360 degree thrust vectoring. Once the development of this feature was complete, it was implemented and brought to the September 2009 E-Jets International event where the equipped SU-34 took the Best Foam Jet Award that year. Now you can find many jets that have 360 degree thrust vectoring being sold by Hobby Lobby. Be sure to keep your eyes open for further leading edge developments from the oldest R/C hobby distributor in the nation!

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