What’s Inside Our Twin Telemaster?

Want a peak inside the new Twin Telemaster? Today we are going to talk wingspan, nacels, engines, batteries, and more. Learn exactly what makes the Twin Telemaster the ideal instrumentation platform. We are also going to share some pictures of the nacels taken during the development process.

Twin Both Wings Mated With Nacels


When we designed the Twin Telemaster we started with an 8-foot wingspan because it offers plenty of lift and payload ratio. We believe that this will make the new Twin Telemaster the best platform for instrumentation packages. This wingspan also provides us with plenty of room for the engines and batteries we chose for the Twin Telemaster. The wings feature a twist and lock design that are easy to assemble without the need for struts. The result is a nice, clean look.



The Twin Telemaster will house two of our eRCBL46 motors. They will also be paired with big props and a 6-cell battery. The result is enough power to steadily fly the RC aircraft back to the airfield in the event that an engine fails and you are down to a single engine. When the engine is in place, there is still an open space around it, providing plenty of cooling.



This aircraft has two batteries, two speed controllers, and two motors on the wings and in the engine nacels. The engine nacel is big as well. When housing a 6-cell battery, the nacel still has 3/4 inch of clearance on either side and 1.5 inches to the front and back. Each nacel features a battery hatch with magnetic closure, ensuring that it stays securely fastened.

Landing Gear

We under-mounted the engine nacels, allowing us to shorten the landing gear. The retractable tricycle landing gear retracts forward putting the mount right below the wing spar. The forces of landing are transmitted into the wing spar and airframe. Because it retracts, this landing gear will not obstruct the view of downward or side-facing cameras.

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