What the heck is MAP pricing anyway?

Since I’ve been in the hobby, I’ve noticed that there are some products that are the same price no matter where I look. I wondered about why that was so and was told about the concept of MAP. I decided to find out what it was. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Pricing, and it’s not something that is just used in the hobby business. Basically, it’s the minimum price that can be used in national advertising, like on the Web and in magazines. It doesn’t necessarily affect the price that my local hobby shop can charge, although most hobby stores do use it. It represents a value price where everyone involved in the production of the product can make a decent profit and stay in business, which allows the companies to innovate and produce new products. Other industries, like the electronics and computer industries, also use MAP pricing. My local hobby shop runs sales and has a special club discount for me that makes it even easier to support my LHS, because on these items, they can be priced more competitively than online suppliers, plus you get support after the sale.

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