What are the limits of my radio’s range?

Sometimes, beginning hobbyists tend to wonder what the range of their radios are. “How far away can I be when I am flying?” people may ask. It is common for beginners to want to test the limits of their craft’s ability. However, when it comes to the range a plane is capable of flying, the limiting factor will almost always be your eye sight rather than the range of your radio. This is why it is so important for beginners to learn how to make the turns and stay in close enough so they can identify the attitude of the aircraft and make sure it is doing what they ask it to.

Seeing how far out you can fly a plane isn’t anywhere near as impressive as demonstrating control over your aircraft. However, some simulators can be great for judging the distance you are capable of flying away from yourself while maintaining your sense of direction over your aircraft. Many who have tried to fly far out on the simulator may have noticed that once you have done so, it can be very difficult to tell which direction your plane is going. Trying this on the simulator is a great way to prevent yourself from having to drive  out and try to find where your plane has flown itself to – if you actually do manage to fly out of range.

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