Walking The Line- of Flight

It seems that the pilot’s journey toward perfecting their flight skills is never done, and mine has barely begun. However, yesterday presented a surprising display of improvement! Another sunny and calm day managed to slip its way between days of clouds, so I tossed the CHAMP in the passenger seat and met some of my family in the park for a day of flying. With one of my sisters playing on the play structure, and the other eager to be the plane launcher, we went out to the middle of the field for some fun. The Champ had undergone another little repair, but was ready to take to the skies. It had been a few flights since Dad watched me pilot the plane, and he was pretty impressed with how I was able to handle it now. I was able to get it to loop in the directions I was intending and maintain a fairly steady line of flight.

I finally landed it on the ground and Dad eagerly jogged out to take a look at the plane so he could have a go with some flight time himself. He struggled with the plane at first, but gave me props for flying it better than him. A few “beep” sounds later, I found my mouth open in astonishment. He had trimmed the plane perfectly and had it going a slow, steady course that was so mellow you could walk right alongside the plane! It was amazing. He grinned as he casually extended the remote towards me and said, “Here, you fly.” I grabbed the controls and started redirecting the plane that had remained in steady flight during the slow hand-off. It was the most amazing flying I have experienced yet. I had a well-controlled, directed, and steady flight. Not only was I thrilled, but now I’m anxious to get back out there and do it again… and again… and hopefully continue in this positive direction!

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