Vet Cub: A Living Memory

There have been many veteran pilots who have etched their names on the wings of Jim Riggle’s 1/3 scale Byron “Vet Cub” since the birth of this patriotic tribute. Jim Riggle is an experienced R/C pilot, member of the board of directors for Remembering America’s Heroes (RAH), and a big fan of Hobby Lobby’s Pilot 1 golden age series.

This roster of signatures on this airplane has expanded as Jim continues the legacy he began by taking his Vet Cub from one event to another. One such event was an appearance at a high school, where five of the members of the Tuskegee airmen were invited by RAH to speak to the children. The airmen had come from all over the United States to speak to these students and were more than happy to have the honor of being remembered in this way. Each signed their names.

The very next day, Jim transported his aircraft to a Milwaukee High School event where there were upwards of 450 U.S. veterans. Jim asked the group if any of them had a connection to flying, be it Air Force, Army Air Corps., or Navy Pilots. For those who did, he asked them if they would do him the honor of signing his airplane. That night, 40 veterans came forward to add their signature, that small piece of themselves, to the memory this aircraft embodies.

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