TRUE IMAX At Hobby Lobby

Many in the hobby who know their batteries know that IMAX is the most copied and knocked off charger in the market. There are countless chargers that may look or seem similar, but in the end, you frequently find that these are filled with cheap electronic guts and they perform poorly.

Understanding this dilemma, Hobby Lobby has begun buying directly from IMAX to get their customers the “real deal” in top–of-the-line battery chargers that are designed to fit the specific need of the user. In Hobby Lobby’s fabulous line of IMAX chargers, you will find that there is a charger suitable for electronic all kinds of R/C hobbyists. IMAX offers inexpensive entry level chargers that are great for balancing LiPo’s and are perfect for smaller battery packs. They also offer chargers that are capable of running anywhere between 2-4 battery packs separately in one box! These chargers can safely charge higher capacity batteries at a fast rate.

This line of IMAX battery chargers at Hobby Lobby are all conveniently compact and designed to give a steady, balanced charge to any compatible battery pack. This is very important for maintaining your R/C battery packs so that you can get the most life possible from them while keeping them at the top of their performance capability. Some of these chargers have already sold out of stock, so be sure to head over to Hobby Lobby and get the quality charger you always knew your batteries deserved!

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