Trees: Nature’s R/C Magnet

A few days, ago I had taken my girlfriend out flying and brought with us a little 1/8th scale cub and a bigger Winged Dragon. I was pretty excited to see her fly, since I knew she had been playing around on the simulator a bit and taking it around with her everywhere in her giant red purse.

When we got to the park, I set up my computer to sit down and do a little work while she wandered out to the middle of the field and hand-launched the little cub. Remembering the first time I had seen her fly this, I was pretty impressed with how well she was handling it. It went high and wide, and found its way lazily out to the far end of the park where she landed it better than I had ever seen her land.

At this point, I was too excited to stay over on my park bench, so I got up and started hand-launching them for her and cheering her on. It was only one or two flights after this that this little plane managed to hang in the air…. literally. She accidentally flew it behind herself and caught it up in some tree branches about twenty feet above our head. My excitement quickly turned sour when I had to walk over to the tree, take off my sandals, and shimmied my way to the plane.

I stomped and I shook the branches while she threw rocks and sticks trying to knock it (or me… it was hard to tell from my angle) out of the tree. It wasn’t until about fifteen minutes later that I finally shook it free and managed to climb down and put my flip flops back on. She thanked me over and over again and apologized profusely……… shortly before putting the Winged Dragon in the same spot, on the same tree…

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