I used to spend most all of my flying hours in the sky trying to do different kinds of impressive maneuvers. I would do loops, wing-overs, even worked on pulling out of nose dives at the last second. Now that I have mastered most of the tricks I tried, I like to work on my touch-and-go’s more than anything else.

A touch-and-go is pretty much as it sounds. All it consists of is coming down to the runway, touching the wheels as if you were going to slow down, finishing the landing, then accelerating back up to the take off.

Back when I was working on getting my pilot’s license, my flight instructor told me, “The only truly skilled maneuver is landing.” When you land you have to run out of both airspeed and altitude at the same time.

Most of your older fliers like to live in the touch-and-go flight space. We still get out there and try a few of the more difficult aerobatic maneuvers because you have to stay fresh and remind yourself that you still have what it takes to perform the tricks that crowds love to see. After being satisfied that we could still do a tail slide or an inverted roll or two, we “more experienced” fliers generally finish out our flights with touch-and-go’s.

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