Through the Woods

The newly patched up Champ RTF was ready to brave the skies once more, so off to the park we went! This time, we also brought in tow the Wing Dragon for a little added fun. I was thrilled to see that the little CHAMP was responding worlds better than our first flight together. I had it heading straight, looping back towards me a bit, and even managed a few acrobatic tricks. Finally, I couldn’t quite get it to turn around, so I had to kill the throttle and coast it safely to the ground. It was exhilarating- and convenient that David was so gracious to run and retrieve it.

He released the plane into the air again, and off it went soaring. I was trying to get it to turn around and head back toward him, but it insisted on arching behind me… and right into the giant trees. I had killed the throttle before it hit the trees and tried to turn it, but alas, there it sat up in the branches. I stood there speechless, as David gave me a look of understanding that he was going to be climbing the tree in a second.

We made an effort to get the plane down without him demonstrating his monkey-like skills. However, efforts were called off when it was clear that tossing sticks and a few rocks toward it in efforts to shake it down would prove to be more destructive than productive. So… up he went.  It was a sight worthy of adding to the collection of flying bloopers that’s beginning to pile up. After countless efforts of shaking the trees’ poor branches, the plane finally came cascading down toward me.

I decided to let the Champ rest, since it was its first flight out after major reconstruction, after all. So on to the Winged Dragon I went. It was a whole new machine, with a great deal of power behind it. I loved watching it soar through the sky, make an arc as it turned around, and even do a flip or two. I got a little lost in the beauty of its movements, and as I guided it over and past my head, I felt my stomach drop a little. I spun around just in time to kill the engine, and hear the leaves complain as the plane lodged itself firmly in their grasps.

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