The Spitfire Mk Vb ARF

One of the planes I have been most impressed with recently is the Spitfire Mk. Vb ARF. The engineers put an amazing amount of detail and thought into its design. From what I have heard, engineers were actually sent out to the factories for 6 months to nail down the details of how the full size aircraft is built . I think the shades of the blue and green camo look just awesome!

As for the model itself, it has a wingspan of about 650mm from tip-to-tip. It’s designed with some protective plates on the bottom so it can land safely on the belly of the plane. The foam it is built with is super-light weight cuts the drag down for flight.

It handles and flies with the stability of some of your larger aircraft, which makes it really sturdy to handle. Overall, it flies in a pretty mild mannered way and is easy to hand-launch.

One of my FAVORITE features is that it actually comes with a display stand so you can set it up on your desk in your office or on a side table in your house. It looks great.

It is definitely a lot of fun for ANY intermediate pilot. By intermediate I just mean that if you’re looking to fly a warbird, you might want to at least have a solid aileron background. If you can handle an aileron simulator and have done anywhere from 10-20 hours on that simulator ( or whatever it takes to fly an aileron without getting lost or crashing), then you are ready to fly one of these well-crafted models.

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