The Famous Telemaster Drop!

The Telemaster has been a legendary brand of Hobby Lobby’s since most people can remember. Truth be told, I doubt there was ever a catalog published without some representation of a version or variation of the Telemaster.  There have been number of options developed over the years for this golden classic. Some of these include such models as the standard 70” and 90” Senior Telemaster, the low winged Funster model, and a 45” electric model. But the most impressive Telemaster in size is, without a doubt,  the 12′ Telemaster, expected to be seen flying at the NEAT Fair 2010.

The famous Hobby Lobby “Telemaster Drop” will be another not-to-be missed event this year! Like years past, it will take place immediately after the Friday demo. All  pilots will line up on the flight line with their models as Jason Cole announces the event. The operator, Mike Hines, will be directing this giant high above the field as the participants ready themselves below.  As soon as Mike hits the switch, toy parachutes will be dropped. The  Hobby Lobby airborne troops are attached to different prizes donated by Hobby Lobby International. Prizes include gift certificates,  servos, AND MORE!

The Telemaster drop  doesn’t stop there. That Saturday, the Telemaster is scheduled to do a  second drop. Like a flying piñata, she will be filled with  somewhere between eight and ten pounds of candy. Kids of all ages are welcome to participate in scrambling for candy and joining in the fun. With Hobby Lobby’s “bag of tricks” full, this is sure to be an event with fun for the whole family!

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