The F/A 18E Super Hornet

The Super Hornet has become a pinnacle of achievement in the field of combat aircraft for many nations. It was formerly referred to as the F/A-18E (F/A stands for Fighter/Attack). This airplane is an all-weather carrier, capable of supersonic speeds, and is considered a multirole fighter jet. The plane itself was specifically engineered so that it would be effective in a dogfight and deadly accurate when it came to attacking targets on the ground. Derived from the YF-17, the F/A-18E has been used by both the United States Navy and the Marine Corps. Since the year 1986, the U.S Navy has used this aircraft in exhibitions conducted by their demonstration squad, A.K.A. the Blue Angels.

With such an impressive record and high military value, it is no wonder people have been buzzing about this aerobatic giant. Thanks to the people at Hobby Lobby, you too can be a part of the action with a model that is so true to scale that it is officially licensed by Boeing! The Midnight Flyer’s 7-LED system comes equipped with bright green, red, and white LED’s! For more info, check out another of our blogs that give a unique inside look at the Super Hornet HERE.

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