The Dangers of Over-Amping Your Electric R/C Model Aircraft

Not all beginning hobbyists getting into the field of electric R/C’s have a base knowledge of electronics, which could be a recipe for disaster for their aircraft if they are not careful.

Here at Hobby Lobby we fly most of our airplanes on two, three, or even four cell battery packs. In most cases, with some of the jets, you can safely bump a three cell pack to a four cell to increase speed. However, when you do something like this, you need to be sure you are not increasing the voltage to the point where it is drawing too many amps. A draw of too many amps can cause you to start seriously damaging your components and even fry your motor entirely.

A way to avoid a hairy situation is to have a testing device handy to gauge exactly how your aircraft is performing. One of the many testing devices sold at Hobby Lobby is our Watt Meter. These are very useful for putting them in-line with the circuitry and actually reading how many amps the motor is trying to pull. To ensure that your plane is performing at the level you desire, come check out what testing devices are available at Hobby Lobby.

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