The CHAMP… Dogs Almost Best Friend

It’s always an adventure when we take our little R/C plane out to the parks. There’s always a broad range of different people sharing the park with us. Sometimes there are seven year olds focusing on soccer practice, couples strolling in the park together, families playing on the play structures, and even people with their dogs out for a walk. Each time is a new set of elements to consider and adapt to, like an ever changing obstacle course. Trees and signs are one thing to consider when the plane is in the air, but when you have people moving, and dogs chasing our big yellow bird in the sky, you never really know where to land!

One flying excursion, I was pleased to see that there were very few people out at the park. So up into the air the plane went. Before I knew it, there were six people near us with their dogs, having a doggy play date. It was adorable watching the dogs run around with each other, chase the plane in the sky, bark at it, and do what dogs do best. What I wasn’t prepared for, was just how playful they wanted to be. I landed the plane a little ways from the dogs, who all rushed toward it with excitement. They were about to play with a new toy! Oh dear goodness, that would have ended badly for the CHAMP. Luckily, David saw the dogs charging, and ran over to the plane himself in order to save it from a very slobbery death. Who would have thought, R/C planes, dog’s almost best friend. =D

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