The Challenge From Within

I had talked earlier about having a chance to put together my first ‘72 Cutlass convertible, static plastic car model and how Hobby Lobby will soon be getting in some more of this type of model in our retail store. What I didn’t mention about my experience was that the hardest part of the whole thing was putting together the engine and engine compartment.

The reason this was DEFINITELY the most difficult part for me was because there were more than a dozen tiny pieces that each needed to be handled separately, from painting, to drying, to gluing, and then to the final stage of drying. Some of the parts were small enough that I literally had to use tweezers to make sure I was holding it in the right spot until it finished its twenty second drying process. Only then could I move on to the next piece. These little scale cars come amazingly stacked full of detail, so you will be putting together the air breather, water pump, oil filter, and pretty much everything else.

One of the things I was particularly impressed with was the quality and detail that the vendors had put into the chrome pieces of the vehicle. These little cars really can add some character to an otherwise empty space on your shelf and are loads of fun to put together from scratch. Some of the things you will need to get with your static model cars are a display case, paint, and paint thinner. I ended up putting racing stripes down the center of the hood. The engine might not work, but at least she LOOKS fast!

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