Telemasters Featured and Fly on News 2

Recently News 2 Jamey Tucker, Video Journalist and producer of Postively Tennessee came by and did a segment on Telemasters. He is not only a news jounalist, but he is an avid flyer as well.

Telemasters on ParadeThe segment feature Mark Cleveland, “A lot of that manufacturing has left the United States and we pride ourselves on the fact we brought back, re-engineered, improved, and extended the technology of the Telemaster and we’re making it right here in Tennessee,” said Hobby Express owner Mark Cleveland.

Watch the Video

SLIDESHOW: See Telemasters Slide Show of Photos

It also featured Kurt Cleveland, president of Hobby Express telling News 2 they are easy to build by simply following the instructions. His daughter is building one right now at their home. “She’s 11-years-old. She goes to Lipscomb Elementary and she’s building it all by herself,” he said. “She’s going to have hers in pink. She’ll paint it Mina day glow pink because that’s what she decided and that’s what everybody on Facebook thinks is the right answer.”

Construction of the planes had been held in China for many years, but Hobby Express brought all of the construction back to Middle Tennessee.

Link to full story on WKRN News 2

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5 Responses to Telemasters Featured and Fly on News 2

  1. Roger Shelton says:

    Building two senior telemasters lazer cut kits I have discovered some things that are in need.
    1. The plywood material used for the spring levered pins needs to be better quality. Both broke in to with use. I replaced with multi aircraft quality ply.
    2. The suspension spar bar takes quite a bit of sanding for fit. Otherwise its almost impossible to insert through the support ribs equiped with ply lazer cut glued fittings.
    3. The drawings on every sheet not just the one need to indicate the CG mark of the plane.
    4. My plane came to 14.2 lbs. but it was highly modified for electric duel wing motors and covered with OzCover and painted with Klascoat epoxy paint throughout.

  2. Michael Abbbott says:

    Built a Jr. Telemaster back in the mid 1970′s, was a great flying plane. I got a big Telemasster for Christmas a couple of years ago but have too many planes in the garage to start building it, if I could get my kids to take their planes home I would have the room, some day I hope.

  3. Mike Craner says:

    Love the new Web Site and Hobby Express group. I have been building TeleMasters for many years and love the simple design and great flying. This is the YouTube video I posted about the Build of the 12 foot telemaster.
    I am glad you moved the RTF building to the USA.

  4. Louis Montante says:

    I built, and am flying , a Telemaster 40 two years ago and am having a ball with it. The kit did not have decals and I’ve tried to buy some a number of times. Can you advise where I can buy this item? Thank you.

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