Pilot 1 Gilmore, Waco, Telemaster Plus & 12’


Senior Telemaster Plus (OVERSIZE)

New Design, More Features, Same Telemaster

This all-new version is covered in genuine Oracover, has built in flaps, quality construction and hardware, and even comes with a camera mounting cover. With the flaps down it will almost hover in a 10MPH wind. See it in action!


12 Foot Telemaster ARF w/Drop Box (OVERSIZE)

HUGE, Ready-Built version of the 12 Foot Telemaster

For the club or individual who wants a huge airplane that can carry cameras, drop parachute guys or candy, fly incredibly slowly and still be transported in a regular car – the 12 Foot Telemaster ARF is it. Check it out!


Pilot-1 Gilmore Red Lion 1/4 ARF RC Plane

Authentic 1/4 scale racing classic for electric or gas

The Pilot-1 Gilmore Red Lion is a true to scale rendition of this famous 30s racer. The outlines are correct with only a minor increase in vertical tail area. The wing is the correct shape and in the right location requiring a notch in the lower part of the massive cowl. Learn more


Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 1/4 Scale ARF (OVERSIZE)

Big scale Golden Age biplane

Whether built as an electric or gas model the flight performance is a total joy, take offs are short and climb performance is quick. The airplane will slip into a small field just like the original full scale one did. See it in action!


Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 1/8 Scale ARF

Golden Age biplane – great looks, easy to fly

Much simpler to assemble than many biplanes, the Waco’s upper wing attaches to the side on the fuselage and is automatically aligned. Assembly will take 6-8 hours, the illustrated instructions provide clear guidance. Check it out!

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