Hobby-Lobby-Catalog-1966This year is very special for Hobby Express for many reasons. Most importantly, it’s our Golden Anniversary! The company started under the name Hobby Lobby International, Inc. in 1964. Fifty years later, we have a brand new name and website, but the same core values and commitment to bringing customers the greatest hobby products around!

A big part of this company’s history is our Telemaster model airplanes and kits. We’ve always said, “Nothing flies like a Telemaster,” and that’s because it’s true! Hobby Express has sold thousands of Telemasters over the years. It’s believed that the first Telemaster was designed back in 1967 or so by acclaimed German model designer Karl-Heinz Denzin. Certainly, there have been changes along the way!

telemaster1Telemasters are now available in several shapes and sizes, with each boasting the ability to bring users a new level of ease and precision. The 6 foot Telemaster Electro ARF V2 is our largest, while our newest product, the Mini Telemaster Kit V2 is our smallest with a wingspan of 45”. This kit provides an easy to build RC model airplane that includes one laser cut model, full size plans, photo-illustrated instructions, bent wire main landing gear, tail wheel and all hardware.

telemaster2For hobby enthusiasts, the Telemaster models have become a favorite, classic model plane option. Hundreds of modelers have had their first successful flying experience with a Telemaster and many beginners have successfully flown a Telemaster 40 without assistance. Those looking for a smooth flying plane will enjoy the beauty and classic look of the Telemaster.

During all of our 50 years in business, we’ve focused on providing the most innovative and fun hobby products. The Telemaster has come a long way over the years and we expect even more innovation in the years to come! Telemasters have been a huge part of our first 50 years in business and we’re excited to have them be a huge part of our future, too!

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  1. Robert Roch'e says:

    I have built model airplanes since the early 1960′s, gosh am I that old, well I’m 60 years old now and I have built all the telemasters in the past and loved everyone of them, built properly they will fly on their own and I proved that many a time to beginners.
    I never built the 12 foot telemaster because I thought if I was going to build a plane that big then I should just build one big enough that I could get into it and fly it myself which is what I did in 1983 to 1984 I built a real kit plane and flew in it myself I also built a gyrocopter and flew that for many years, but my love of building and flying RC airplanes has always been a hobby I could not stop doing and I really like building gliders the most and designing them and kit bashing.
    As for Hobby-Lobby and now Hobby Express I have been a customer ever since I think you were in the business.
    I remember Hobby-Lobby having a large number of glider kits and I think I built nearly all of them, they have to be full kits and not partial built kits for me I like to build it all ARF, RTF’s are not my type of kits to build.
    Many thanks go out to your hobby shop for all the unique RC airplane kits and accessories I have purchased from you all these years and some of the lowest prices you could purchase at in the world !

  2. Phil Blackmoore says:

    Hi I have also built and flown model planes over many years, started with simple gliders. Have made purchases of kits and parts from now “Hobby Express” over many years, the service to me in New Zealand has always being first class, well done to all and as always I will keep looking forward to your emails etc., to me. Yes!!!! I have a Telemaster with an O.S. 4/- love it, nothing beats it as it sails past the pits on a gentle low pas at idle, lots of comments, nice. Best wishes and kind regards to all at a great hobby shop. Phil Blackmoore.

  3. Jack says:

    What happened to the Telemaster R T F electric? Is it no longer available?

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