Telemaster: From Glow To Go

The Telemaster’s move from glow engine to electric was essential in keeping it modern enough to keep up with the times, yet it still holds true to the legend formed from its history. Thousands of model plane enthusiasts started their R/C  hobby with the Telemaster’s, however, if you were to go back six years and try to buy yourself a Telemaster that was powered by an electric motor, you might notice that many people in the industry would approach such an idea with an air of skepticism.

Many of the larger companies clearly looked down their corporate noses at electric motors when they began to creep into the market. Despite the traditional fuel engine’s legacy, it wasn’t long before these newer models started taking over where glow flight had left off. There is just no competition between the two when it comes to variables like noise and power.

It was about seven to eight years ago when Hobby Lobby was the absolute leader and a huge player in this growing market of electric powered airplanes. When they started becoming popular, some of the bigger companies caught on to the shift but they were still only runners up by comparison. Hobby Lobby was essentially the pioneer of this new era of electric motors which enabled a draw of less than experienced hobbyists to come to the table. It was around this time that I got started “beefing up the instructions” so people that didn’t have a huge amount of experience could confidently put their aircraft together.

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