Taking My Pylon Dago Red Racer Paragliding

I am pretty stoked to take my Pylon Dago Red Racer to the paragliding event in Ava, Illinois this coming weekend. I know what you might be thinking, “Why would you bring R/C airplanes to a paragliding event?” Right? In case you’re worried, no… I don’t plan on trying to take some paragliders head on and see how they do against my jet.

The thing about paragliding is that there are only certain parts of the day that are safe to be out there in the sky on a collapsible wing, dangling more than a hundred feet up. Generally, you only want to be flying early in the morning and late in the afternoons. During mid-day, the winds tend to pick up along with the thermal activity in the air and things get pretty turbulent. It will be a sweet time to get some more air time with my Dago anyway.

I’ll be headed there and will be camping Friday. If I get some good shots or maybe even some decent footage paragliding using my Flycamones, I’ll be sure to put them up. So, come back here and check for updates in a few days!

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