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Like most hobbyists, I spend a pretty fair amount of time on forums and looking at new products online. Unlike a lot of them, I have a great local hobby shop near me that gets most of my money. The reason is simple: he takes care of me. When I was first starting, I had a hard landing. It meant that I wasn’t going to be able to fly for the rest of the weekend if I couldn’t fix my plane. I drove over to my LHS and the guy behind the counter actually took the part I needed from one of his new planes and sold it to me for a small fee. He helped me fix my plane right there and I was able to go back and fly the rest of the weekend. At the time, I was just so happy to be back in the air that I didn’t take a lot of time to think about what he’d actually done for me, but later, I realized that in spite of all the retailers on the internet, no one could give me that kind of service except a local hobby shop. Unfortunately, I think that sometimes we don’t always realize the value that the LHS gives back in service and support. I’ve decided to give my business to my LHS and I’ve found him to be very price competitive, too. So, it’s like that commercial says, “Landing gear replacement, $2.99; local support to get back to the sky—priceless.”

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