Strength Testing Hobby Lobby’s F-86

This last weekend, I had gotten a chance to go down to PAC RC Hobbies in Samerna, Tennessee. It was a nice day for some flight demonstrations. There were only about fifteen guys there, but many had not really had an opportunity to fly an EDF jet before.

This was a great opportunity for me to get a chance to tell a little bit about the differences between R/C jets and regular R/C sport planes. The jets I had brought for Hobby Lobby for demonstration were our F-18E Super Hornet and our F-86. One of the other attendees at the demonstration had brought with him a Hobby Lobby MiG 15 and he and I were able to do a nice flight demonstration together.

While he was flying his MiG, I flew Hobby Lobby’s F-86… I wanted to show off a little to the audience and had been flying really low to the ground inverted when I had accidentally landed. I like to think of it as a testament to just how tough our jet really is. The spectators were very impressed as they watched my F-86 graze the ground at full speed while inverted and do a wing over cartwheel. The best part was that even though I hit with full force, the plane itself took no damage. That alone was enough to sell some of our jets right there on the spot and justify my crash as the perfect strength test. :)

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