Special Sneak Peak At The FA-18E Super Hornet: What You Might Have Missed

You need to check out the FA-18E Super Hornet! This jet promises to be the biggest release since Hobby Lobby’s Micro Stik. It will be in stock the week of October 10th and has been made to such a high standard that it is literally the only R/C that has been licensed by Boeing.
Something that you might not have heard about this jet is that it comes fully stocked with its very own LED lighting system and 3D, 360 degree thrust vectoring making it capable of 3D maneuvers. It ALSO comes with high quality servos which offer much more stability and realism compared to other servos that have been coming standard with plastic gear retracts. The realism is evident when the pilot watches their flight. The cadence of the retracts action demonstrates more scale flight behavior. The stability comes from the material choices in this craft. The landing gear is made from aluminum and is designed to be capable of absorbing some of the landing load.
If you are interested in getting more of a “sneak peak” at this aircraft before it comes to stores, check it out on the Hobby Lobby website and learn why people are talking about this mechanical masterpiece.

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