Solo Dog Fights with the Micro Stik

One of my favorite things to do with the Micro Stik is dog fighting with other Micro Stik flyers!  The Micro Stik comes with a light weight streamer that is perfect for this…… just you and a couple of your buddies making endless loops in the sky, chasing the streamers of others.

There are times, unfortunately, when the buddies and their Micro Stiks are off doing other things, so I came up with a novel and very simple idea to practice dog fighting by myself.

First, dig around in your closet, attic, or garage and find an old music cassette tape.  Pull out a piece of tape from the old cassette (10 to 15 feet) and cut it off.

Now, tie the piece of cassette tape to the tail wheel on the Micro Stik, and go fly!

You will see that you can practice chasing yourself through loops and turns, while leaving a “tape trail” through the sky.  Recently I have used a longer piece of cassette tape…..almost 30 feet long!  Surprisingly, the tape offers all most no air resistance and the Micro Stik still has plenty of power to perform any and all normal maneuvers.

While “chasing yourself”, it is possible to catch your own tail.  If you execute perfect loops and tight turns while maintaining altitude, your prop can actually “catch” your own streamer.  Just remember to chop your throttle if this happens, as the tiny little geared motor on the Micro Stik has enough power to tangle up and make a mess out of the cassette tape streamer in a hurry.

Recently my buddies have tried this streamer method with their Micro Stiks. We still dog fight, but are now working on aerial streamer shows.  Just like smoke trails, the streamers weave an intricate pattern in the sky as you execute maneuvers.  Imagine the picture with one Micro Stick executing barrel rolls in the sky while another Micro Stik towing a 30 foot long cassette tape flies straight down the middle of the of the cassette tape spiral created by the preceding airplane.  We call this “thread the needle”.

Use your imagination here, as we are creating new possibilities everyday.

Have fun!

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