Should the Telemaster have a twin?

At Hobby Express, we have been playing with the idea of a production version Twin Telemaster Kit for about 2 years.

This has been driven by the fact that our Telemaster is in use today, all over the place, as a camera or instrumentation platform. In our opinion, it is the original utility drone. 3′, 5′, 8′, and 12′ wingspan Telemaster airplanes have all been utilized as camera and instrument platforms, serving our military, NASA, and hundreds of other folks throughout the years. Anytime pilots or engineers have needed a tough, stable, and heavy lifting aircraft, Telemaster comes to mind.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.36.19 AM

Over the years,¬†very capable and creative modelers have converted¬†the Telemaster to a twin engine bird with great results. Our thinking is that it’s time for a production version that the rest of us could build and fly!

We are interested in what you think of the idea, too.
What would you do with a Twin Telemaster?

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33 Responses to Should the Telemaster have a twin?

  1. I think a twin Tele would be the greatest thing that ever happened to the Telemaster series I have a 12 footer and a mini and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Atta boy Hobby Express hope to see it soon .

  2. G.A.Branigan says:

    Yes yes yes,do it.For both the senior and the 12ft tele.Offer it,and they will come.I know I will.Also,improve your plans/directions for the senior to make it a good build for beginners.Just sayin’…

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Great support here. A 12 Foot Telemaster would be a monster twin for sure!

      On the topic of the Senior (TEL1600)

      We agree with you. This first production twin is being designed and built on that airframe and we are working on the instruction improvements that make it easier for newer builders. While the resulting plane will be for experienced pilots, why not make sure it’s approachable for less experienced builders!

      We do take input on improving the instructions very well… Appreciated.

  3. Alan Weaving says:

    What better way to introduce a new Twin Engine Airframe than to start with a proven Modified Standard like the Telemaster Single Engine Airframe. What I plan to do with this proposed modification … Learn to fly a twin with the confidence previously gained from flying Telemasters.
    Carry more sweets / candies for the kids ?
    Easier to drag those really large gliders up to altitude ?
    Great Idea … Really looking forward to your proposed / final design !

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      We totally agree with you on the proven platform. It has clearly had a positive impact on the design process and totally reduces the variables!
      We had not discussed the idea of glider towing. A nice idea!
      It could be a significantly effective bird for that.

  4. RAYMOND says:

    Would of liked to had one 30 years ago.

  5. James Adolf says:

    I would be happy with the 40 size and the senior Telemaster

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Cool input!
      We have discussed the “twinning” of the Telemaster kit line but we have lots of work and challenges getting on target the first time out.
      Like the way you’re thinking!

  6. Robert Karasiewicz says:

    A guy in my club, Dave Byron made a 3 engine Telemaster 40. Two OS 28 four strokes on pods on the wing and a OS 40 four stroke in the nose. It was incredible! The wing pods were removable.

  7. William Nash says:

    Hi Guys
    I like the idea of a telemaster twin. as a matter of fact I have built one.
    It has now been flying for almost 2 years.
    I would be glad to forward some pics. of it if you want them.
    Some body gave me a 72″ telemaster wing and I built the rest.
    The twin electric motors sound real cool.

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Please send us your images to share! The story sounds like a blast too. By the way, well done on the “Wing-up-custom-restoration” :)

  8. Tritos Monk says:

    Would love to see a twin. I’d want one. Drawings above really look good.

  9. Don says:

    It would be quite fun to build.
    I would shape the nose than shown above.
    Mains retract into the nacelle?
    Gear would be long.
    Hmmm, another challenge

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Nose shape is one of the Telemaster brand characteristics we are trying to preserve, but I get your thinking.
      On the topic of the gear being long, you are right. However, one of the design criteria was clearing the interior of the fuselage for instrumentation -and- making sure that the widest downward and side views were preserved.
      As you know, airplane is often spelled “Compromise.”

  10. al says:

    i happen to be into twins; have the multiplex foam twin, and am looking at the cargo twin just for fun.

  11. Damian G. Finch says:

    I am in! Please let me know as soon as it is available for order. I am in!

  12. yes it would be interesting to see telemaster twin & a heavey hauler

  13. fred surprise says:

    I have had many tele’s first plane I ever had was a 8 ft tele they are great. The last one I had after years of flying it converted it to a canard plane. a twin would be nice.

  14. Chuck Colwell AMA 8944 says:

    I have some photos of my big Telemaster on floats with a couple of engines,
    if you would like I will send them to you… Ervin ” Chuck ” Colwell

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Love to have a look at your result! Please share your images and story with us.

      (PS – Respect for the 4 digit AMA number!)

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  16. Flown twin sticks and twistars and an 80″ twin and currently finishing a HL Funster. Would desperately want a twin as described.
    Double your pleasure, Double your fun, Get yourself two engines instead if just one.

    BYW call it a Triple”T” 45-60 2. Cycle, 56-72 4-cycle. 10-15 gasser
    And yes retracts add appeal..
    Live long and Prosper by building what others will buy

  17. Michael Burke says:

    My first thought on kit bashing these Twins, is to make those nacelles ROUND like they should be. Then along with all the other Guys, Make it a Tail-Dragger like it should be as well. Then put that wing with it’s two Round Nacelles on the Bottom of the Fuse, Ala Sky-King and his Song Bird! If Cessna could make a Plane like that Fly, so can you. You also might want to put a top loading door for loading the candies for the Kiddies. I have two of the very old Telemaster 40 kits in my Collection, so I will just run off a copy of those plans, adapt them with these new additions, and build a high wing and a low wing while waiting for the new kits to hit the market. Keep up the Good Work Hobby Express!

    • Hobby Express Team says:

      Thank you for your input and ideas. Great builders can always see another (better?) way to do a thing. Like you, they can also simply go do it while others marvel. We need to deliver a production ready experience that doesn’t require as much skill to construct as you can bring to the build table. We wold love to get pictures of the results you get and share the story here if you would like.

      We had round in mind too but the Telemaster style is square-ish by most standards and we tried to keep in line with the Telemaster look.

      On the topic of tail dragging, I think she is a tail dragger if you don’t plan to put anything in the nose or fuselage to pull it back down… But it isn’t intended for that yet. The position of the gear mount is behind the designed CG so I think it would require some work reversing the gear pivot point, among other things I am sure you will take into consideration as you twin-up your plans!

      Fly well!

  18. Jesse Brinson says:

    I am finally getting ready to maiden my Senior Telemaster ARC after 16 years! (Yes, it was the old Almost Ready To Cover version) This new Twin looks cool and the retracts are awesome. Better get started on it right away, since it might take 32 years to finish!!

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