SebArt Mig-29 – The EDF of my dreams

So several years back Hobby Lobby introduced the world to the first twin thrust vectoring jet with the SU-34. It won several awards and kicked off a technology boost for bigger, better performance. About that time while I was at the Joe Nall event, I saw a couple of guys from France flying some turbine jets like a 3D plane, hovering and all. I was amazed and immediately wanted one. Since I didn’t have about 10 grand in my pocket right then, I dreamed about having that kind of performance from our electric ducted fan planes. Well, Sebastiano from SebArt shared that dream and he created the Mig-29′s that we just released on our webpage today. These things are light, powerful, and awesome! I was the first person in the US to build and fly one of the early production units to take and demo at the SEFF event. The first flight down there put a huge smile on my face as within 30 seconds of the launch, I put it down on the deck in a stable hover and pulled out vertically. Finally! we have an EDF jet with 3D performance. It has twin 70mm counter-rotating fans, which is just cool, and the ESC’s are right in the airflow of the ducting so they stay cool. Yeah it’s expensive for a foam jet, but I think it’s worth it. The electronics are quality, the design is stellar, and it performs as advertised. If you too always wanted a 3D EDF, then head on over to Hobby-Lobby and check out the SebArt Mig-29 today.

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  1. Dave Baron says:

    I have had the honor of flying the new Sebart Mig-29 3-D, and could not agree with you more. What a great machine. It is a hobby changer! This jet does things we only dreamed about a couple of years ago.
    I find that it it is easier to fly that I expected, and its high alpha maneuverability is just too cool for words. Keep those great airplanes coming!
    Dave Baron

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