R/C’ers Go Green!

Greg Marshall, a member of the Portland Sky Knights (an R/C flying club based in Portland, Oregon) had only been flying for a short while before he became inspired to make a difference in his R/C carbon footprint in the world. Since he started flying in 2009, he has always been an electric model R/C pilot. Greg thought that there must be a way to bring more green to the R/C world, wanting to branch out beyond the impact of the electric batteries as they compare to their gas engine counterparts.

With just that in mind, in late March, Gregg met with the board of executives of his flying club to see what he could do about building a solar panel charging station that would be set up at their flying field. They supported the idea, but told him that he would need to seek funds from the community.

To his surprise, nearly the whole project was funded by members of the club, local businesses, and other people associated to the hobby industry who believed in what he was doing. The promise to those businesses who donated was that their business’ name would be displayed at the field for all to see as a way of thanking them for their generosity and giving them some publicity in return.

With a solar powered charging station, the Portland Sky Knights have certainly made the kind of environmental impact Greg had been looking for. It is R/C enthusiasts like these that surely care enough about the world around them to take proper care of their Lipos while also being all around eco-friendly.

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