R/C Soaring Family Fun!

I have been corresponding with a new friend I met at the “Cub Nuts” event and was excited to hear about how he had spent his day gliding with his wife. Here is an example of how R/C’s can be the center of a day filled with family fun:

Hobby Lobby Fan:

I’ve been flying primarily “flat fields” for about 5 years now. I fly 80 to 110″ nitro and gas airplanes but deep down I’m really a glider guy. My XTG-11 is an example of that.

I was never a great thermal duration pilot but got reasonably good on the slope. Last Sunday I took my wife and we went up to the ridge on the east side of Hood River and flew in slope lift. I flew a 100″ Dodson Camino (retro TD airplane), as well as a little “no name” 60″ airplane. (Russ from Coyote Hobby gave it to me. A customer brought it into the store and said “get rid of it”.) Both airplanes were well suited to the westerly 7-10 mph winds. It was nice to have this chance to enjoy a little air time with my wife.

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