The Eweek That Was

I had a great time at the first annual Eweek at Triple tree.

I was fighting some aches and pains for the first couple days we were there, but after that, things were smooth sailing. I was camped out in my tent right next to the flight-line, and Jason was hanging between the main tent, and a tree with his hammock. It was nice to wake up and open the tent and see a beautiful dew covered flying field, and wonderful temperatures for the day to come.

Through out the day, Jason and I got a chance to meet a lot of new people, and see some familiar faces as well. Being the first year of this event, I was very impressed to hear we had almost 400 pilots registered. It s amazing how fast the electric community is growing with the quality of batteries, and brush-less motors now a days.

At the flight line we got a chance to fly most of our aircraft including the 1/4 WACO, MiG-29, Dago Red to name just a few. All heads turned when the Dago Red flew its 130mph passes. The video on our website doesn’t come close to giving it justice.

Jason and I both had our DIY quad copters lit up for night flying. We were testing out our line of eRC BL480s motors, and eRC 25amp ESCs with the quads, which worked flawlessly. Jason finally did his first loop with his quad. It just seemed unnatural, but very cool to say the least.

All in all This first time event was a great success for Triple Tree, and will continue to grow as the years come by.

-Neal Davis

Click here to see more photos.

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One Response to The Eweek That Was

  1. Dave Baron says:

    Great Report Neal-
    looks like another meet that I have to go to!
    Can’t wait!
    loops and rolls-

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