Columbus Ohio is hosting an indoor R/C flying event November 5th through the 7th. The event takes place at Four Seasons Gold Dome, on East Broadway Street, in an inflatable dome. Within the dome, the event will house close to 100 pilots, tons of spectators, and still have plenty of room to include the indoor lake to provide water landings and take offs.

The ‘JR Indoor Electric Festival’ has been around approximately 4 years, and is certainly a yearly highlight for the pilots that have a chance to get out there. Between the vendors at the event, and the numerous park fliers and smaller helicopters, there’s a constant buzz of excitement.

That buzz is added to by the fact that Hobby Lobby will be taking a few of their Micro Stiks to the event. The Micro Stiks will not be for sale at the event, and the way they’re selling they might actually be sold out by the time of the event. Don’t worry though, Hobby Lobby will have a booth with display models as well as brochures so people will be able to try out the Micro Stik at the event.

Along with that, they will set aside a few for the raffle before they sell out. So, keep an eye out for the raffle, because some lucky pilot will get to take one home as a prize.

*For the 2010 JR Indoor Electric Festival Activity Schedule, directions, & room rates click HERE<http://www.jriefestival.com/event%20details%20rev2.html

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