R/C Flying – The Next Contact Sport

For those who think R/C flying is a boy’s sport – guess again. It takes real men to compete in these events. During the 2010 NEAT Fair, Hobby Lobby’s twelve-foot Telemaster ARF was featured in “The Pilot Prize Drop”.

Loaded up with 10 parachute guys, the Telemaster took to the sky as the pilot contestants were called up to the edge of the field. The Telemaster, equipped with two independent Bombay doors, released the first door, dropping 5 of the parachuted figures to float through the air. Once the figures were released, the crowd surged forward like a stampede, their goal in sight. As some of the figures had started to be collected by the pilots, the second door opened, expelling the remaining parachute guys.

The frenzy continued as pilots bumped into each other, elbows flying, and people leaped into the air. This display of fun and enthusiasm certainly brought a grin to spectators’ faces, as winners began jogging off the field with their figure in hand, ready to collect their gift certificates to Hobby Lobby. Later in the day, the participants could start to see their fun induced battle wounds, and anyone who had been watching knew…R/C is no longer a no-contact sport.

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