R/C’s Considered UFO’s?

While in a meeting with the Eugene Aeronauts, one of the members brought up a bit of news that had surfaced earlier that month. Apparently, not everyone is familiar with the characteristics of R/C model helicopters and their capabilities for night flying. Night flying has been growing in popularity amongst hobbyists. However, just about everyone seems to know enough about UFO’s to spot one when they (think) they see one.
According to the man speaking in the meeting, the club had gotten a call from a legitimate UFO identification organization saying that they had reports of an object that looked like a flying disc and had displayed very sporadic flight characteristics. According to the member who had spoken to the organization, this description aligned perfectly with the characteristics of an R/C helicopter equipped with LED lights on the blades. This may have been a false alarm for the hopeful people looking for contact with a species from another planet, but it did prove to be quite the story for this group of hobbyists.

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2 Responses to R/C’s Considered UFO’s?

  1. pepelatz says:

    Well, may be not UFO’s, but my neighbors claim they’ve seen some flying monsters around neighborhood since past Halloween:

  2. Tesonics says:

    UFO huh
    I guess only people that know very little or nothing about RC would very much suspect it is a UFO. I bet this will become even more scary with the introduction of quadrocopters to the hobby. From what I gather, they are much quieter, extremely stable in flight, and ….well, again, you have to be an RC hobbyist to know something like that exists.
    With advancements in robotics as well, we might also want to be ready to meet a robot walking on the street at night…This will certainly look like a space man from another galaxy. I guess this is where RC and Robotics gets really interesting.

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