Pieces, Parts, and Lots of Glue- Plane Crash

The flights today may have been graceful, but with the unpredictable wind gusts, my landings were not. There were a few nose dives, and since the poor CHAMP was landing in grass, it had a tendency to flip as well. All I really have to say is that I was impressed with what a tough little plane the CHAMP is. We’ve repaired the nose, the base of the rudder, the very tip of the top part of the rudder, and more. The flight ended when the plane had a kind of emergency landing, due to the fact that it wasn’t fully responding to the rudder controls and looked like it wanted to soar into the trees. I figured, a less than graceful landing would cause less pain than making my boyfriend climb up a tree again.
David started jogging over toward the plane and staring at the ground. “What are you looking for?” I called to him. He told me the battery flew out, right as I picked up the plane to demonstrate that the battery was still holding on to the plane for dear life. “Well something flew off…” he retorted. I was looking over the plane, trying to figure out what this mysterious flying piece was. There it was… or more so, wasn’t. About half of the top part of the rudder had torn off and had flown to the side in the grass. We were grateful that we were able to find the little yellow piece amongst the colorful fall leaves. So the plane went back home and sat patiently on the craft table for yet another session of gluing and laminating. Soon the poor thing will be nothing more than glue and laminating material. But until then, we still have a great little craft!

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