Pearl Harbor Days

If you consider yourself a true all-weather R/C pilot, then you should check out the event coming up this December 5th. The Portland Sky Knights are hosting an event called Pearl Harbor Day at the Sandy River Airport in Sandy, Oregon.

This is a funfly, fundraiser event where the proceeds are donated each year to the Childrens’ Cancer Society. The entry fee to participate on a team is only five dollars and is more than worth the experience!

The funfly is conducted as a bomb dropping relay race. Participants will be on teams, each having a crew chief who will load the bombs onto the aircraft. Once loaded, the pilots must fly underneath a limbo pole, proceed over the designated bomb target area, and drop their bomb. Then the pilots need to loop around and make what is called a spot landing before the crew chief can reload another bomb and start the process all over again. A score keeper will be in the field keeping track of stats such as limbo pole passes, target drop accuracy, and the number of bombs released in a thirty minute period. This event is sure to be non-stop action from the second the first plane fires up its engine to the moment the last bomb is dropped.

Participants are destined to be subject to whatever weather early December will bring, so if you are planning on coming to join in or just watch from the side lines, be sure to wear a jacket! Members of the Portland Sky Knights have informed me that the owner of the property has a nice banquet area where they will be serving food to participants who flew their tails off and need to warm up next to the large stone fireplace.

Those who wish to continue flying on different teams to try to improve their personal flights can do so by submitting an additional five dollar entry fee. Come and show your support for the cause and have a BLAST doing it. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!! For info on how to get involved check out THIS page for more details.

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