Back when I first started flying, all of the model airplanes were free flight planes. Nowadays, I still prefer free flight above a lot of the more impressive looking sport flying.

Guys like me who still enjoy the free flight style of flying, who don’t feel like running after their plane anymore, are R/Cer’s that are referred to as “Old-timers”. An Old-Timer aircraft is simply an old free flight plane that has been converted into a soaring plane. All this means is that the owner has installed a small electric engine that he/she uses at the end of the flight so they can guide the plane back to a close landing site.

I would have to say my favorite Old-Timer is my 1935 Dallaire Sportster. She’s got a huge wingspan of one hundred seven (107) inches and great flight characteristics. Other than my Dallaire, I pretty much love to fly anything with fixed wings.

If I ever go out and do sport flying, it is only when I have an audience that likes to see some of the tricks I remember how to do. I know my grandson is a huge fan of a lot of the rolls and loops. As for me, I just like to rig up my old free flights with some of the simple, sturdy parts I get at Hobby Lobby and just catch a gust now and again.

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