Next Generation Of eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet ARF Coming With Electronic Retracts!

Hobby Lobby has heard what enthusiasts have had to say about issues with the Eurofighter’s mechanical retracts, along with the rave of how simple and powerful the electronic retracts are for the newly released F-18E Super Hornet. Having taken their customers concerns into consideration, Hobby Lobby is now rolling in the next generation of Eurofighter jets with the same electric retracts as the F-18E!

Not everyone has had a chance to experience just how incredibly effective and efficient these retracts are. Those of you with craft that suffer from this will be interested to know that they require no servos or linkages and the gear are activated by a worm drive. These electronic retracts slow down to move at scale speed to add even more realism to your R/C experience. Also they start and stop in locked position and don’t require set up of any kind. They just plain WORK! If this weren’t enough, they have also proven to be MUCH stronger than the mechanical retracts of the past.

For those of you who already own an eRC Eurofighter and want these retracts for your current jet, you will be happy to know that you will be able to purchase them as a spare part as well. Both the new generation of Eurofighter, along with the spare electronic retract kit should be available by the end of November. Electronic is the retract style of the future and will be in many, if not all of Hobby Lobby’s jets to come.

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