NEAT Fair!!

For those of you looking for one of the coolest R/C flying events in the country, you should DEFINITELY check out the North East Electric Aircraft Technology (NEAT) or “NEAT FAIR”, as people like to call it.  Coming up Sept. 17th-19th, it is the largest electric event in the country.  People from all over the U.S. come to Downsville, NY by plane or car with their electric R/C models. Hobby Lobby will be there to fly our newest airplanes with friends and fellow R/C addicts.  Please look us up when you arrive!

Some of the aircraft you can expect to see:

Heli’s: From 3-channel Mini Sharks to T-REX 600′s and bigger.

Airplanes: Micros, sailplanes, and even a huge 12′ Telemaster that has it’s own place in demo shows.

Aquatic: A huge pond, located across from the flight line enthusiasts, provides a place to do some R/C boating, along with a spot to take off and land their planes, geared up with floats.

Given that this is the nation’s largest R/C flying event, you can expect media coverage from the likes of R/C model magazines, along with the attendance of representatives from different websites who cover the story and capture plenty of footage. You’ll get special insights from our own flight team, reporting on the Hobby Lobby Forum and Blog that you can track through RSS.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

A lot of what makes this such a big show to see is that R/C developers, engineers, and hobby distributors come from all around to debut new products and top-of-the-line technology, in full view of the public.

For those of you interested in attending and wanting to know how to get there, check out this link: To NEAT

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