Nature’s Wrath By: L.A. Johnston, longtime modeler.

If ever there was a contender for top blooper in R/C history, I believe I have it!!

I was out flying my new electric sailplane I had gotten from Hobby Lobby the day before. I had been testing it out for only about 3 minutes before I thought I would try to bring it in for a landing.

On my approach to the runway, I had a pretty large pine tree in my way. I knew it was there the whole time, but I was almost positive I was going to miss it and come just inside of it as I descended. This is an error I will never make again.

It turns out I didn’t adjust my line of flight quite enough to make the pass I was hoping for. Before I realized exactly what was happening, I watched the top quarter of the tree start to bend. It was then that I realized I had caught the extreme top of it and was bending the tree down. It was just like watching one of those cartoons where one of the characters bends back one of the branches and then launches into space whatever happens to be on it.

My poor sailplane didn’t stand a chance. As I watched that pine tree whip itself back upright, it spit my sailplane in the opposite direction. When I inspected the scene, I was incredibly impressed when I found that there was literally no damage done to the plane itself. The only damage I left the field with that day was the damage to my pride.

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