My plane and I Standing on Edge

The first time I was able to get my plane to hover vertically was back when I was flying my Carl Goldberg Extra 330. This plane had what we call a “funfly” plane profile. Planes with this type of profile are perfect for performing tricks. Their aerobatics capability is incredible. They can do all kinds of crazy, wild flying and low aerobatics.

The way I approached this the first time was to set up high and safe. I flew up, almost out of my visibility, so I would be high enough in case something went wrong. I wanted to avoid losing control. If I had started the trick too low, I figured I was risking bringing it down and, of course, crashing.

One of the most difficult parts of this trick was pointing the nose straight up while balancing the throttle to keep the plane from rising or falling. After that came what I found to be an even more difficult part, which was getting the rudder movements down correctly. The whole time I was performing this trick, I felt like I was balancing on a beach ball and constantly making fine tuned adjustments to keep from falling. It was a great feeling of accomplishment when I finally got the hang of it.

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