My First Nose Job

Placed on the table for inspection, the poor defaced plane was poised for inspection to determine a course of action. I had never repaired a Styrofoam plane before, and desperately did not want to mess up my first one. After a little research on Hobby Lobby’s website, however, we went out and got some Styrofoam safe glue for the job. Ever so carefully, the puzzle was starting to come together.

The upper cowling and lower fuselage and motor were completely separated from the aircraft- except for the red and black electrical umbilical chord. I dabbed a toothpick into some of the glue and the repairs began. We were worried about the glue throwing off the balance of the plane, so we had to figure out a solution. Just a little browsing around the plane’s insides and we noticed some Styrofoam bulkheads. So we deposited little pools of glue and compensated for the amount used on the nose.

Finally, the glue on the front of the nose had dried, and to our surprise, the glue we used dried clear! The nose was now ready to be reunited with the rest of its body. In order to keep the seams true to form, I firmly (yet carefully) held the main fuselage (lower ¾) and upper fuselage and wing together as Dad meticulously placed tape on necessary sections of the body. As he moved his hands away from the plane, I couldn’t believe the miracle we had pulled off. The plane looked practically good as new, and we had hope that this may actually work towards strengthening the plane for future nose dives!

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