My First Nose Dive

It was a beautiful day to take to the air, and as my dad handed me the Champ RTF with a grin on his face, I knew there was no turning back now. So with my plane, and my boyfriend, I headed out to one of the local parks. I took my stance at the edge of the field, put the throttle on high, and tossed the plane into the air. I gazed at the skies, ready for a nice straight flight, only to find that instead of taking to the skies, it did a few short loops and started to head toward the ground. David, having been amused at my first attempt, jogged out to recover the plane and prepped it for another flight. Again and again it would loop, and back down toward the ground it would go. I have only flown a limited number of short sessions on a simulator and briefly on a buddy box, so I have no illusions that I should be amazing just out of the starting blocks. But, I knew I could fly better than that!

Obviously… it was the plane. Don’t worry, I didn’t really believe that. Especially after David tried the controller and was able to get it to hang in the air longer than I had – though granted it still did not have a straight flight. I attempted another flight and actually managed to keep the plane in the air for a while longer with its acrobatic tricks. A smile started to creep across my face as I felt like I had taken a step forward. Then the looping started again. It would loop one way, and I’d be quick to correct, only to have it loop the other way and eventually, loop…… loop… loop loop- WHACK! It took a nose dive strait into a log bench. Depth perception had failed me as it hit the bench, rather than being in front of it as I had perceived it was.

My jaw dropped… I couldn’t believe I had just done that. David recovered the poor plane. We looked it over to assess the damage, and I was shocked to see that a piece of the plane’s nose was missing! “Oh no,” David corrected me, “it’s just upside-down.” Sure enough, as soon as he turned the propeller and chunk of the nose around, you could tell the pieces were there. But on the bright side, I found it fascinating to see all the inner cogs and how they worked!

Embarrassed and sad that I had broken my new toy, I sulked back to the house. My dad chuckled when David gave him the details of the story, and told me he was excited that we got to do our first major repair on the plane. I looked at him with a skeptical eye- I didn’t believe him when he said it could be fixed. However, I put my doubts aside and figured that attempting to mend this aerial puzzle would just be another part of the adventure.

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