Mr. Schaumburg finds his plane

We always love a great story about a man and his passion for radio control model airplanes. Such is the case with Mr. Al Schaumburg of Fort Walton Beach, FL. He showed up in our retail store in Tennessee yesterday and we had a good time hearing about his passion for the Sig Rascal. Al, who readily admits that he probably has more airplanes than is good for him, began trying to acquire the Rascal over three years ago. After patiently waiting, a friend located the plane on an eBay listing. Al, being a modeler after our own heart, promptly jumped into his specially outfitted van and hit the road to Ohio, where he bought a beautiful, “only four times flown with a Saito Golden Knight engine” Rascal. On his way back home, Al stopped at Hobby Lobby where we had a great time chatting about one of his other favorite planes, the Telemaster. We talked about how the critical rubber band lengths required for bigger birds (thanks, Al, we’ll be hunting for those 069 sizes). We also were treated to a viewing of this special Rascal and it was a beauty. Hopefully, Al will soon be sending us pictures of his first flights. We love seeing our modelers and having them stop in to visit!

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