Miss 2′s Radio Equipment and Control Rod Installation

Many people have found that installing the radio equipment for this aircraft is very direct and straightforward. The user who is putting this ARF aircraft together will notice a few pieces of plywood that come in the kit that you are instructed to adhere to the stringers of the fuselage which will form your servo tray. This particular tray is capable of handling the weight of the full size servos, however, when inspecting the parts that come with the kit, you will notice that it also includes two cross-pieces which can be attached to the tray to enable the potential use of any micro servos the customer may want to install. Using this configuration we recommend trying some of our Hitec HS-81 micro servos.

When you move on to installing the control rods, it will require the proper length of sheathing to be removed. From here, you will need to take one of the ends and epoxy it near the control surface in one of the indicated slots. The end of the sheath that is nearest to the servo will be held in place with a piece of plywood that is shaped like a U. The sheath will then be held by this on the side of the plane by one of the vertical pieces. This is when the sheath should have the rods put into it and the Z-bend end of the rod joined with the servo. All that is left before snapping it onto the control horn is cutting the other end to the right length and soldering it to one of the clevises.

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