Making It Duplicable

After the experience of a slow and steady flight, I came to a realization. I had started my journey as a pilot with the mentality that it was my clumsy thumbs alone that were flying the plane. With that mentality, the only hope for a steady flight with my CHAMP would be for my thumbs to improve their skills. A whole new world of possibilities opened up when my dad had worked his electronic magic on the controller. The minute I saw that little plane flying low, slow, steady, and true, I knew I was in love with flying. The fact that my thumbs were able to maintain that steady flight simply solidified that feeling.
This time, however, I was braving the field by myself and crossing my fingers that I could duplicate what my dad had accomplished. Of course, my nerves were heightened a bit with the fact that my boyfriend was with me and excited to see all that we had been bragging about from the last flight. I decided that the key to the day would be patience. The first flight attempt was a little rocky because the controller calibration wasn’t ideal for the slight breeze we were experiencing. A few beeps and buttons later, I was able to figure out how to adjust the elevators in order to counter the little plane’s tendency to climb dramatically. My boyfriend looked at me with a huge grin on his face and I couldn’t help but to return it. I had successfully duplicated the low, steady, calm flight, and I was thrilled.

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